Allegra Kent (published 1988)


Kent discusses coaching the Royal Ballet's production of Bugaku, and approaches in movement required by certain ballets, for instance, the extremes required by Balanchine ballets. Relates early motivation for choosing to study ballet and her early training. Kent elaborates on her "leaves" from the NYCB company, her family and Balanchine's reaction. The interview ends with Kent's praise of her influences-her early instructors, Carmelita Maracci, Irina Nijinska, and Balanchine.

Biographical note:
Allegra Kent was born in 1938. She began her study with Bronislava and Irina Nijinska, and with Carmelita Maracci in Los Angeles. In 1952, she moved to New York City to study at the School of American Ballet, where she soon began her career as a dancer for the New York City Ballet. A muse of Balanchine's, she held the role of the company's principle dancer from 1957-1966. After over thirty years, she retired from dance in 1981. She is currently the Director for the Stamford City Ballet and also works as a freelance instructor.






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