Knud Arne Jürgensen (published 1989)


Jürgensen reveals that he trained as a dancer in Copenhagen and Paris from age sixteen to nineteen before attending the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music, and eventually the University of Copenhagen, to study Musicology. He then explains how his research of August Bournonville began during his job as a cataloger at the Royal Library in Copenhagen, where he began to translate the choreographic notes in Bournonville's ballet scores. This work provided the foundation for his first two books on Bournonville, The Bournonville ballets : a photographic record, 1844-1933 and The Bournonville heritage : a choreographic record, 1829-1875 : twenty-four unknown dances in labanotation.

Biographical note:

Knud Arne Jürgensen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1952. He is a senior research librarian with a background in classical languages, theatre and musicology. Jürgensen worked as a research librarian in the Music and Theatre Department at Copenhagen's Royal Library from 1978-1986, then as a Carlsberg Foundation Research Fellow from 1987-1988 and 1993-1995. In 1997, he received his Doctor of Music from the University of Copenhagen on the musicological and ballet-historical doctoral disputation The Verdi Ballets. In addition to his theatre productions, Jürgensen has written and published several articles and books, many focusing on 19th century Danish choreographer August Bournonville.






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