Steve Paxton (published 1986)


In this interview, Paxton discusses using improvisation and the process of stepping back to look at how forms influence what's created. He also discusses working with the Extemporary Dance Theatre on his work Audible Scenery which he was involved in at the time of this interview.

Biographical note:
Steve Paxton was born in 1939. He is a dancer and modern dance choreographer who has been influential in developing "contact improvisation," an approach to dancemaking in which dancers improvise their movements based on their physical contact. As a dancer he studied with José Limón and Merce Cunningham and later went on to found the Judson Dance Theatre and Grand Union. Paxton developed the revolutionary concept that dance movements do not require formal dance training but can be found in common, everyday actions, a concept which is illustrated in his best-known creation Satisfyin' Lover (1968).






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