Ailne Phillips (published 1986)


Ailne Phillips discusses teaching at Sadler's Wells Ballet School under the direction of the "extraordinary" Ninette de Valois (referred to here simply as "Madam"), including the structure of the school and style of coaching and instruction. In particular, she elaborates on one prominent pupil, Antoinette Sibley, who is the focus of Barbara Newman's research.

Biographical note:
Ailne Phillips was born in Londonderry, Ireland in 1905. She was a dancer and teacher whose students included Antoinette Sibley and Frank Freeman. In addition to her teaching, she was assistant to and a personal friend of Ninette de Valois. As a dancer, she was celebrated for her precision, vivacity, and accuracy. She began dancing under the directorship of her father in the Carl Rosa Opera Company before World War I, and later danced for Sadler's Wells and Mona Inglesby's International Ballet, until beginning her teaching career at Sadler's Wells Ballet School in 1940. Phillips passed away in 1992.






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