Alexander Schouvaloff (published 1987)


In anticipation of its opening, Schouvaloff defines the Theatre Museum's scope, mission, and its importance within the context of contemporary London culture.

Biographical note:

Descended from Russian aristocrats, Alexander Schouvaloff was born in England in 1928. From 1965 he worked as a theater administrator and director organizing such productions as Euripides’ The Trojan Women and The Cherry Orchard. Later he became director of North West Arts (UK). He was the founder-curator of the Theatre Museum, a branch of the Victoria and Albert Museum, in the Covent Garden district in London focusing on the history of the performing arts. Schouvaloff left the museum in 1989, and in 2007 it closed. He published a number of books on the history of the performing arts, with a focus on set and costume design and was an acknowledged authority on the great Russian ballet impresario, Diaghilev. Schouvaloff passed away in 2013 at age 84.






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