Lea Anderson (published 1987)


Anderson discusses attending art school at St. Martins and dance theater at Middlesex College before joining the Laban Centre. Anderson also studied music, which plays a significant role in her pieces as they use almost all original music. Anderson is greatly influenced by visual imagery and symbolism. One of her goals was to reach a broader cross-section and performed in non-traditional settings as such as cabarets and art galleries.

Biographical note:

Lea Anderson was born in 1959. She is an experimental choreographer who co-founded the female trio the Cholmondeley Sisters (later the Cholmondeleys) in 1984 with friends and fellow Laban Centre alumni Teresa Barker and Gaynor Coward and would later form the all male group, the Featherstonehaughs in 1988. The basis of much of her choreographic invention is a kind of calligraphic and often deliberately awkward, minutely detailed minimalism, with intricate movements strung together in a framework of rigid counts and fiendishly precise geometric patterns.






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