Deanne Bergsma (published 1982)


Bergsma addresses her non-traditional height and the difficulty it produced to dance with others because of it. She says she was always happiest dancing by herself. When she danced with a partner, she left it up to them to “take over,” but she was able to call all the shots and rely only upon herself when she danced alone.

Biographical note:

Deanne Bergsma was born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1941. She joined the Royal Ballet in 1958 and became a principal in 1967. She created the Lady Mary Lygon role in Ashton's Enigma Variations in 1968. In 1970, she danced the principal part in Tetley's Field Figures. She retired from the company in 1974, but returned to the Royal Ballet in 1988 to take the role of Berta in a revival of Ashton's Ondine.



Relation (Apollo – Desmond Kelly as Apollo, Deanne Bergsma as Terpsichore, Vergie Derman as Polyhmnia and Vyvyan Lorrayne as Calliope. © Leslie E. Spatt and courtesy of Birmingham Royal Ballet.)




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