Christopher Gable (published 1982)


Gable discusses what makes a great solo: appearing organic and adding to the story, instead of stopping the story. Good choreography, he feels, should be an expression of an emotion, not an expression of dancing. Gable discusses the difficult work of striking this balance between classical training and bringing a feeling of organic improvisation to movement.

Biographical note:

Gable was born in 1940 in London and studied at the Royal Ballet School, joining Sadler’s Wells Ballet in 1957. He was promoted to soloist in 1959 and principal in 1961. Gable frequently partnered with Lynn Seymour, notably in Romeo and Juliet. He retired from ballet in 1967 to pursue an acting career and appeared in films, on television, and on stage. He co-founded the Central School of Ballet in 1982 in London and was appointed artistic director of Northern Ballet Theatre in Leeds five years later. He passed away in 1998.






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