Antoinette Sibley (published 2013)


Sibley discusses her return to dancing after an 18-month "retirement" in which she gave birth twice. After being asked by Sir Frederick Ashton to perform in a gala in his honor, Sibley was asked to repeat the role several more times. She went on to New York City to perform Ophelia, a role which did not require her to be en pointe. Sibley went on to become a guest artist for another 10 years.

Biographical note:

Sibley was born in Bromley, England in 1939. As a dancer she was known for her elegance and roles in the classics. She joined the Royal Ballet in 1956. Sibley's big break came when she danced Swan Lake at a mere twelve hours notice. She created roles for Frederick Ashton and Kenneth MacMillan and frequently partnered with Anthony Dowell until her retirement in 1979. Sibley became president of the Royal Academy of Dance in 1991 and remained in that position until 2012.





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